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Global Technology

Global Technology has built an intelligent self-directed design and marketing platform that provides our valued users the ability to review competitors, target existing and new audiences, and identify new channels to invest in.

Global Technology has invested a significant amount of capital to build this powerful platform.


Global Technology needs active users to use our platform in order to demonstrate that our technology can become a market leader.

Global Technology accepts the capital and time commitment risk for our valued users.

With GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY, it’s easy to get your website, marketing, and data dashboards with sales growth started in just a few simple steps:

  • Connect to your data using our integrated list of apps, databases, CRM's, spreadsheets, and more to effectively track your financial metrics.
  • Select the data you want to monitor and add your customized chart, or add prebuilt metrics instantly.
  • Set the Global Technology timer to refresh your data so you can stay up-to-date.

You will have access to the data that matters most. Global Technology helps you unite and blend scattered data into customized, real-time insights so you can become truly data-driven and accelerate your growth.


  • Help our prospects increase sales and optimize the website building and maintenance process.
  • Increasing our active user base to demonstrate that our powerful platform has merit.


The more user participants/clients that are involved in our design and marketing platform, the more valuable our marketing and analytical technology becomes.

In this scenario, everybody benefits from a strategic partnership. Global Technology needs businesses to optimize online presence, and business owners need greater online presence and sales.



When leaders understand and unite their teams around the right metrics, the culture improves to accelerate growth. We know this because we’ve experienced it: As the founders, we feel the crushing pressure to perform and lead our team. Making decisions, increasing accountability, and working together toward shared goals was a daily struggle. Then, we learned to rally our team around the data and metrics that truly mattered, and the result was transformational. Everyone was focused on company-wide goals; the data-driven culture brought out the best in our employees; our growth and profitability accelerated dramatically.

As the founders, we became more confident and made better decisions because data eliminated the guesswork we’d depended on before. We communicated better as a team because we finally spoke the same language. We gained more freedom and balance in our lives instead of being stressed and caught up in the day-to-day minutiae, because we had a complete view of my business. Rather than being weighed down by the pressure of performance, our entire team was lifted up as we united our efforts around shared objectives. Through experiencing the transformational power of data in our own company, we experienced the transformational power of data in our own company, we knew that was a power we wanted to share with others. That’s why we’ve created GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY. We believe in your potential, and we’re providing the easiest, most powerful tool to access and utilize your data so you can unite your team around the metrics that matter most and accelerate your growth.